About me

I am a brand developer for female entrepreneurs or for those who wish to become entrepreneurs and are interested in spirituality. I am a university lecturer with a PhD degree in management, I am a PR specialist and the law of attraction practitioner.

I have trained over 3,500 students and business people and I have designed the brand of Happy Moms Association which I have been managing for over 5 years and which has become available, upon request, in 5 big Romanian cities.

Briefly, I have turned from a teacher into a champion of encouraging mothers and women who wish to become entrepreneur.



My mission is to bring clarity in the chaos of the universe of female entrepreneurship. I accomplish this by encouraging, revealing my own truth, by teaching my whole experience to businesswomen or those who want to set up a business out of passion.

I truly practise what I preach. I believe in the perfect formula resulted from the combination of the practical knowledge regarding businesses with spiritual tools, a formula meant to grow a personal or corporate brand in a memorable and unique way.

If you want to transform your passion into a unique, memorable and trustworthy brand, if you feel that you resonate with me, I am here, close to you.


I started off back in 2013 with storytelling and arts and crafts workshops for children which led to meetings with their wonderful mothers.

After a short period of time the Association Happy Moms was founded, which, in 5 years, has opened agencies in some of the biggest cities of the country: Brașov, Făgăraș, Sibiu, Cluj, Alba-Iulia and Bucharest. Thanks to the fact that the brand and the declared mission of the association successfully deliver exactly what it was planned, we have a constant request for new agencies in other cities.

My reputation precedes me and I have been invited as a speaker to different events, to write articles, books and especially, due to my vast expertise, to help the women I work with to define a powerful and authentic brand.


You will be more POPULAR. I can assure you of that!

You will know how to choose the right CHANNELS of promotion.

You will have an action PLAN.

You will clarify your brand PROMISE and to whom it addresses.

You will find out what is the IMAGE that your acquaintances and the media has of you.

You will clarify your PURPOSE.


Andreea Elena Găleșanu

Hello, my name is Andreea. While, attending my master courses I had the opportunity to have Dana Lupșa as my teacher. I have to say that she is different. She used to look for new teaching and learning methods as attractive as possible for the students, meant to arouse our interests and inspire us. She helped us meet successful people with true life stories. They didn’t talk from books or neither did they share experience from other countries, but they showed us that we can do it here and now. Many times she listened to our feedback and she even asked us for it, making us feel that we can actually change something. She is a teacher that always smiles, who motivates with a relationship with her students, not through grades. For this, Mrs Lupșa, you have all my appreciation and I wish you influenced many other people. Thank you!

Laura Avram

What is Dana Lupșa  like as a teacher? Informed, dedicated, adaptable, human, strict, organised, passionate, autodidact, she has high standards, she is consistent, in one word, she is a real teacher. I felt that she is a great teacher.

Mădălina Vedeta

Hello, my name is Vedeta Mădălina and I am a master’s degree in computer systems for businesses graduate. Who are we going to talk about today? I think you have already guessed … about Mrs. Lupșa Tătaru Dana. Who is she? She is a teacher whose purpose is to make you discover and understand what is important to capitalize so that you can draw certain perspectives of your professional future. Why should you integrate her in your current selection of people to be surrounded by? Metaphorically speaking, she is a bottle that encompasses the essential scents like: wisdom, modesty, ingenuity, creativity, enthusiasm, punctuality, meticulousness, kindness, courage and the list can go on. So why not let us all be surrounded by these fragrances? I was pleased with the circumstance offered and with her help I accessed comprehending the notions. It’s your turn now!

Sabina Zeimen
Kindergarden teacher

I needed an impulse and this workshop taught me how to recover as a human being, as a woman, as a mother, as a teacher. After only two weeks of Dana Lupșa’s workshop I can say that I frequently hear the expression  ”How nice you look today” instead of  ”What a nice dress you are wearing”. I notice this difference. I’m glad I have met you, Dana Lupșa. You are very valuable to me and I thank you for all the information and the examples offered.

Alexandrina Maradin
Mama Maradin

I am Alexandrina Maradin and I created the brand called  ”Mama Maradin”. Dana Lupșa has been by my side from the beginning and she has been like a fresh breath of air. Following the steps that Dana taught me during the branding process, I will mention the first 5 words that come to mind when I think of Dana. These are: clarity, freshness, gentleness, firmness and professionalism. Dana moves the rocks, moves the mountains. This is the kind of power I felt in Dana. She is a person passionate about what she does, and passion generates ideas, she is creative, she burns and acts. Passion means happiness and an open heart, and an open heart encompasses everyone with their own interests. Therefore, I recommend Dana with all my heart. She is an excellent contributor and an expert shoulder on which you can lean on when you feel that things are not moving to the right direction.