Brand Alchemy By You & Me

It’s for you if you wish to transform your image or your business image into a well-known and appreciated one. We’ll do this together, just you and me.

You have my whole attention, my creativity and knowledge over a cup of coffee, either a real or a virtual one.

After discussions we get to define relevant points for an impactful brand. Briefly, together we draw a scheme of what your new brand is going to be and express.

We will plan the individual sessions depending on our availability.

Brand Alchemy Workshops

They are for you if you like working in a team and finding inspiration in the stories of the people around you; a six-hour session in which we work hard together is exactly what you need.

The workshops take place periodically and last 6 hours. In a group of minimum 10 participants we set up values, mission, vision, strengths, style, the tone of voice, recommended colours, brand value proposition, the brand circle, the perceptual mapping, clients’ profiles, the price, the distribution, the promotion, the marketing plan, the objectives.

In other words, you have the opportunity to learn what Brand Alchemy means and how you can apply these concepts in your brand or in your business, in cooperation with other people interested in the same subject.

The workshops start when a group of at least 10 people is formed.

Brand Alchemy by The Magic Team

It is for you if you wish for a complete transformation, both for you and for your personal brand or business.

We will work together to define your brand and, as a bonus, you will benefit from the most talented people with whom I work, a true magical team. Photo services, video, dress code consultancy, copy and content writing, online marketing strategy, website, graphic design, social media management, community management – all these aligned with your brand and your needs.

You will have the opportunity to join an exclusive group for personal development throughout the entire programme.

It’s like having your personal brand developer at your disposal, together with the experience of big companies and a champion at motivation in a mix designed especially for you.

Brand Alchemy Book – beBranded 

It’s for you if you love books and the feeling you get when you keep a book in your hand, from the way it smells to the precious information it offers you.

beBranded is a book which contains my experience, my expertise and a collection of practical exercises, from the spiritual area included.

Reading the book and doing the practical exercises you will understand the theoretical concepts, you will train on how to implement them and you will finally define an authentic and powerful personal brand.